Empowering fragmented fashion retail through evergreen smart inventory

Unlock capital constraint. Propel store performance. Enhance livelihood.

Meet Phượng a fashion store owner from Vietnam

Phượng is a 29 year old owner of Phượng Boutique. Every 2-3 weeks, she takes a 4 hour trip to An Đông wholesaler market in Hồ Chi Minh to buy new products for her store with the money she has made the weeks before. She does so even now when she's expecting a baby.

Working with Goodiee, Phượng no longer has to worry about capital lockdown, slow-moving and dead stock. Every bundle of products Goodiee sends is customized for Phượng based on her store’s performance, the latest trends and is continuously optimized.

That has resulted in a 60% sales conversion for the latest bundle of products she received.

How it works

Goodiee provides small and medium fashion store with performance-driven inventory at their doorsteps. Our service is driven by a machine learning system that customizes and optimizes the inventory sent to each store partners on an individual level.

A centralised store network synced with data intelligence to power operation efficiency

Goodiee builds a centralized network for all small and medium fashion stores that currently operate in silos. By doing so, Goodiee is able to leverage collective data to build a through the line solution that increases sales performance and reduces waste for our partner stores.

Our partner stores

Starting in Vietnam's Tiền Giang province. Goodiee works with the fragmented small and medium fashion business in Southeast Asia. We believe this is where the next wave of rising middle class consumers will come from and we want to be there to provide them with the right products to make this step up.

We see emerging countries in Southeast Asia with a strong culture of fragmented retail as potential expansion opportunities.

Join Team Goodiee

Team Goodiee is made of members with a rich background in Tech, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Beauty, Skin Cleansing and Wholesaler sales. We are dedicated to our partners and the communities they serve.

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